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Fadi Mohem
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The Berliner, Fadi Mohem, who has joined Ben Klock ́s carefully selected Klockworks catalogue withKW27 and played live at Berghain with Ben Klock, DVS1, The Advent, joining the POLYPHONY's live show.

Raised in the outskirts of Berlin, Fadi Mohem developed a passion for electronic music at a young age. His studies in Sound Engineering and the subsequent work as a Mix & Recording Engineer improved his technical skills and the sound of his own productions. Instead of following trends, he always seeks to fulfil his own sound ideals. Influenced by early Detroit Techno andBerlin Dub Techno, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and IDM, he likes to break the frame.

His live sets get down to core of what Techno is about a hardware only jam that's created right on the spot, always unique.

Last but not least Ramin Sayyah is coming with an extended live set to tear apart the dancefloor with his modular rigs.

Polyphony:The style of simultaneously combining of modular synths and analogue machines to shake the floor up. The uncut composition will be written and played by Ramin Sayyah and his guests.

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