The Crackers
London - UK - extended set
Nermo (Mondays: Off)


Vass Gy


“Vass left his home Transylvania at a young age, from a quick stop at Ibiza to London’s warehouse scene and underground parties, where he found himself comfortable, his path is reflected in the music he plays: techno, breakbeat, electro and deeper shades of house all with an acidic touch.

But for Vass, with his down to earth nature and rebellious streak, when it comes to selecting the next record, it doesn’t matter the genre or hype behind the track, but the emotion and feelings evoked. With his creative mixing skills, he’ll make it work. His impressive selections come as no surprise, listening and searching for forgotten and hidden gems daily for hours on end. His dedication along with his education on the dancefloor has helped him shape his own distinct, twisted style.”



DJ & producer from Budapest, Hungary recently based in Dresden. Ex night manager of the well known LÄRM club in Budapest & co-founder of Mondays: Off events beside his partner in crime, Po:ti.

1500 < 01 < 2000