SUGAR - Fast Forward
(Kulør, Euromantic, KAOS)
SUGAR - Fast Forward
Nastia Reigel (Enemy Records)

Copenhagen native, producer, DJ and co-founder of Fast Forward Productions, Sugar perfectly encapsulates the soul of the danish fast techno revolution. His raves in the city triggered the formation of a strong, fast techno focused community, before going on to achieve international recognition. Fast Forward's sound and Sugar's sound are one and the same: mercilessly fast, groovy, melodic and pounding. Sugar released his debut EP, No Sex Only Feelings, on Repro's Euromantic label last year, he also contributed two tracks to Kulør 001, the acclaimed first release on Courtesy's label, and recently put out records on Hector Oaks KAOS imprint.

Russian producer, Nastia Reigel received notoriety with her debut release “Figures in Brine” featuring a massive remix from Truncate. Her sophomore EP “Trust, Intimacy” came out on Enemy Records. She has an obsession with developing and deeper understanding of techno and industrial music, while she’s also focusing on various experimental audio and visual projects. In St. Petersburg Nastia is running the only queer events Грань at the wildest place called Клуб.

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