Manni Dee
Manni Dee [UK]
AGA2L b2b Balis
Max Sinclair

We're gonna take LÄRM again for a night before christmas.
Not less BRVTAL bomb than Manni Dee!

In his sets he compositions cleverly anchor stark, machine-like percussion in unprocessed field recordings and abstract noise sources, toying with the conventional boundaries between sound and music. Throughout his career, he has traveled all over Europe and has regularly invited Berlin's illustrious places like techno-mecca Berghain or Tressor. Latter as a label released his first big album 'The Residue' this year, but he also released EPs on heavyweight labels as Perc Trax, Black Sun Records, Leyla Records, to name just a few.

Local support is provided by the BRVTAL Legion and its free troops.
Embodied by Mankind, who is daredevil of Pursuit of acid and Max Sinclair. After the British legionary, AGA2L b2b Balis takes care of the continuation.

2500 HUF
pre-sale on RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1185332