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DJ Naga
Peter Bernath

2020.01.02. Thursday 22:00 - 04:00 @ LÄRM
Lost Minute w/ Naga & Peter Bernath /All Night Long

DJ Naga [House2House / Lost Minute]
Peter Bernath [RTS.FM Budapest / Lost Minute]

Naga és Bernáth Peti főképp műszaki cikkeket tekergetnek, nemritkán sötét helyeken. Szabadidejüket közös bólogatással töltik hosszú évek óta. Jellemző élőhelyük a B oldal, a lopakvó slow house lankái, a partmenti chill-bokrok sűrűje, de megfigyelték már őket detroiti mélyedésekben, illetve hűvös techno-áramokban egyaránt. A környezet gyors váltakoztatására is képesek. Jellegzetes formájú építményeiket jól példázza a Lost Minute sorozat és kollektíva.

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If you love the quiet storm-type of DJ sets that build up consciously through the night and take you on a long journey, look no further: the local masters of airy house music are here to guide you.

Naga started out DJing in '94 as the first delicate waves of Budapest based rave culture became surfable. In his long decades in electronics he also contributed to Tilos Radio and Chi-recordings, but his collaborations with DJ friends had the most remarkable effect on the local music scene. With Beta he co-founded Hairy Records, and their House2house has been a regular night since then. With the vinyl-addict DJ/organizer Peter Bernath - who also curates RTS.FM's Budapest studio - they formed a gig series called 'Lost Minute' presenting innumerable guests from the worldwide house-under scene like Ada Kaleh, Anton Kubikov, Christopher Ledger, Delano Smith, John Dimas, Vid, among others. Their yearly b2b sets at Ozora has always been a slow mounting to inner highs - presented with much care and concentration -, and also a nice occasion for a hypnotic gathering.