all inn showcase

Molly: short and sweet, it’s a name that’s rapidly become a mainstay in the Parisian house and techno scene. And if ever we were to name the fastest rising star on LCC’s roster, this little lady would definitely give our guys a run for their money.

After discovering a love for the sounds of techno and house in Great Britain, the French record-spinner ran back to her homeland armed with fresh inspirations… and before long, began dishing out her ever successful performances far and wide. Saying she hit the ground running might be an understatement, as Molly’s early gigs have already included a residency at the legendary Rex Club -where she works as head of communications- as well as a formidable Berlin round-up including Panorama Bar, CDV or Fly BERMUDA Festival, Paris’s thrilling Weather festival or stirring Concrete party where she’s resident, Frankfurt’s breathtaking Robert Johnson, and Amsterdam’s raucous Trouw – not to mention various international visits on either side of the equator.

Not one to sit on her hands, Molly’s made her beloved Rex Club the scenario for her own HEAD_ON residency, where she’s had the likes of Delano Smith, Cassy, Mara Trax, Fred P, Marc Schneider, Losoul over for memorable sessions and thanks to which she has earned the title of “Resident of the Month” on Spencer Parker’s Buzzin’ Fly blog.

Molly is now running the house/techno playlist for 22tracks Paris. Her remixes -released on labels like Rekids and Street Knowledge- have become chart-topping, conversation-starting numbers, blending seamlessly with the DJ’s very personal, very airy style and proving that from the subtlest of deep house rhythms to the type of edgy techno Ben Klock would approve of, this is one pretty face that can throw down with the best of them.

But don’t take our word for it, catch Molly’s sets at one of her ever-multiplying international shows and hear it for yourself. Like Mr. Parker says, “you won’t regret it”.