Elevated House Arrest Vol.15
Pālenque (InkaNation | GER)
Zacharias Z x Pixxe ( RadioRosa | GER)
Lusta Bítek (HU)

RadioRosa (GER) 

Here comes the electronic potpourri mixed together to one delicious ride for your ears and feet on the dancefloor: RadioRosa. The journey is the goal, they say: Zacharias Z operates from berlin and Pixxe from southern Würzburg, so whole Germany is in good hands and no hot track will ever slip through their fingers. 
They keep on evolving and moving like their hypnotic sound: tribalesque slow, then straight forward, minimalistic dark, rhythmic 80s miami or micro house – no matter which record or bpm - their main thing is to stay constantly in motion, just like you and every other listener on the dancefloor.


Palenque ( InkaNation | GER )

Palenque is known for breaking the borders of genres in his sets and still showing the people on the dancefloor how you can tell a story with those apparently unconnected tracks.
Somewhere between Indie-Dance, Nu Disco, Sunrise, Sex, Rock'n'Roll, Psychedelic Magic, Mayans, EBM, New Wave, Techno and Love.
Street Dance that doesn't need to jam up. 
It just hits you in the face with his unflattering, direct rhytms.


Entry: FREE