Rudolf C
Rudolf C
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It’s the third time that the Torso guys are inviting their favourite artists. After Parris and Privacy, a young titan is coming to Budapest. Rudolf Dorr was born in Melbourne, but he spends his days in Europe now. Despite he’s only 23, debuts on the Czech Neo Violence and the London based X-Kalay are already achieved milestones in his life. Besides this, a cool headed label lays under his hands, in collaboration with Shedbug. Salt Mines went from releasing their own material, to giving home to such groundbreaking artists like Roza Terenzi or Reptant aka Lou Karsh. We are just observing what is happening in Oceania, but our instinct says that this guy could always pull something exciting out of his pockets. True house music spiced with diverse, light, electronic and break elements.

2300-0000 1500 HUF
0000-0600 2000 HUF