Dear dancers, our gates are closed until further notice due to the current health situation.

Please stay home, take care and we hopefully see you sooner than later. <3


JKS (FR), MAYEUL (FR), Nvkp & Mankind
Mayeul (FR)

We will start the new year with more Budapest first timers! 

The french boys swiftly both became one of the most interesting artists in the scene, not to mention their collaborative work. 


JKS has known a long musical traject. First inspired by the roots of music, he learned percussions in conservatory for ten years, before diving in the technical aspects by making sound studies. Today, his productions are characterized by groove, acid sonorities and powerful percussions patterns, representative of his musical past. He recently got the support of artists like Kobosil, SHDW & Obscure Shape, I Hate Models or Dax J, by being played in big Europeans techno events. His energetic sets, with trance influences, relay a strong rave atmosphere.


Mayeul is a rising figure on the horizon of the parisian techno scene and a member of the Molekül crew. This young producer, originally from the South of France, hovers around a raw techno tinged with acid tones and old-school sounds.
Each of his productions are strong and bring a special energy to the dancefloor. 
This great vinyl collector is also passionate about digging, and always pursuits to explore and master new weapons to perfect his sets.