Bass Theory Club
Encrypted Audio, Jelly Bean Farm / UK
Hypho (Encrypted Audio, Jelly Bean Farm / UK)
Dj Alyaz (Sapyens Records / CZ)
Vrama (ASAN Records)
Bergi (Bass Camp Hungary)

" Hypho is a man slap bang in the middle of a whole tonne of genres.
Before him is a cauldron of breaks, techno, garage, jungle and dubstep that he mixes with his own unique ingredients. He stirs and stirs until it froths over the edge, then flings the sticky, swampy substance at respected labels ranging from Tony J Riley’s Encrypted Audio to Stanton Warriors’ Punks by way of 877, Four40 and Eatmybeat.
His shady, shadowy sonics speak for themselves. Just check his latest fractured, forward thrusting constructions on Encrypted Audio. His first full dubstep EP, it’s a caustic taste of concentrated future. Bleak, bruising and boundary challenging. " -UKF

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