Benedikt Frey
Benedikt Frey
Max Factor
Norwell (Live)

Benedikt Frey, german producer, DJ and founder of the Label Love Pain Sunshine & Rain, grew up in times of accelerated technological change during the late 90's but with the static view of the beautiful black forrest surrounding his hometown.


Influenced mainly by electronic music from an early age on, Frey is a musician who remains in constant motion and embraces change fearlessly. In his own words: “The more I know about the profound mystery of music the less I feel the necessity to talk about it. It is an ongoing work in progress, there are no words needed”.

Due to releases on Mule Electronics, Ethereal Sound and Live at Robert Johnson, Frey outlined his own interpretation of house music. Well arranged phasing patterns and blending harmonic motives define his sound signature.
During his sound studies near the city Frankfurt am Main and due to his growing interest in jazz-, krautrock- and minimal music compositions, his productions gained more and more complexity and vividness. 

This wide sphere of interest in music culture, does not only impact the timbre of his productions, it furthermore effects various ways of building up arrangements, development in mixing decisions and several kinds of rhythmic structures.
Frey's work presents the interdependence of exploring and producing music, his own compositions are distinctly affected by his latest record repertoire and the other way around. In addition to that, he aims to evoke a dramaturgy in both fields.
“There is always something I feel the urge to realize and play with. 
Let it be a certain instrument, technique or movement that attracts my attention. Figuratively speaking, I started playing my Gameboy and I'm still playing, but with my DAW.”

This man is definitely playing, with expectations, during his DJ sets there is always that turning twist when the tension that was built up so gently is suddenly cooling down to make space for the final culmination. As producer, DJ and Label owner Benedikt Frey is keen to be a part of this static Movement in music culture.