In November 2005, three minimal-tech-click-house maniacs, Isu from Minimalheadz plus Crimson and Chrom from the IKZ collective combined their powers and established their clubseries Lick the Click!, which became a massive bastion of the hungarian clubscene since then.

Neither of the three got into the minimal business as bolts from the blue: Crimson and Chrom testified their talents on all the significant cultural happenings of Székesfehérvár and Budapest, Isu made his name known by the Minimalheadz events or the legendary Labyrinth parties. Plus, Isu is the owner of Akt Records, the melting pot record store of the minimalists of Budapest. No matter if they play in clubs, on open air parties or at megafestivals: these three definetely can make the crowd thrilled.

The mission of Lick the Click! is to break with the image of minimal music, and let it out of the confines of the living room for the whole wide world to hear. It’s headquarters is in Budapest’s Mono ElectroniClub, but it’s representing also in Club Merlin. Beside the three guys, Lick the Click! had foreign guest artists like Butane, Matthias Tanzmann, Someone Else, Jeff Samuel, Daniel Stefanik, Milosh, Audio Werner and Konrad Black. Lick the Click! is a symbiont with significant booking agencies as Traum, Quaas, or the Escorteaze. Profligate eclecticism, neurotic romantica are the attributes of Lick the Click!, where ears, legs, brain waves and facial muscles too can find their stimuli. It’s guaranteed.