Pursuit of Acid X
Teskoba Recordings / Subsist records / Sonntag Morgen.
Filip Xavi

We're closing the indoor season with a carefully curated lineup of refreshing and flavourful techno selectors from here and there. Limited capacity, unlimited experience.

FILIP XAVI (Teskoba Recordings / Subsist records / Sonntag Morgen.)

Coming from Belgrade, Filip Xavi is recognized as one of the pillars of the local contemporary techno scene and resident dj of Drugstore Beograd. As a rebel against genre confinements He was always attracted to the timeless techno archetype, manipulation of time, abstract layers of sound and space which are carried by the power of drums.

Filip continues to pursue his vision of taking the audience into uncharted territories of sound, an approach that fills the dancefloor with mystique and suspense on a path to catharsis.

We kindly ask you to help create a respectful atmosphere. Please refrain from using any flash photography or video recording. Many thanks!